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A new type of hotel.

In Radolfzell at Lake Constance!


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K99 - the NEW Hotel at Radolfzell am Bodensee.

You are looking for a really good hotel in Radolfzell – have you tried the new K99 hotel yet?

Cross your heart! What is the most important aspect of any journey: a comfortable night’s sleep followed by a good breakfast in pleasant surroundings. No frills, simply of a high standard offering all modern amenities. That is exactly what K99 stands for. Do not hesitate to take us at our word: Our eye-opener invites you to enjoy a rooftop breakfast on our top floor. No need for highly priced suites and “special offers“.

A holiday atmosphere – even when on business

You have got a great deal to do all day. It does you good to know that everything you require for a comfortable stay has already been arranged before you start your journey. No need to worry about whether you will be able to sleep well in Radolfzell on Lake Constance or whether breakfast will be up to your expectations. K99 provides you with the holiday aspect of your business trip and recognises your appreciation of free time: book inexpensive accommodation easily – classic case of overnight stay when visiting a trade fair in Friedrichshafen or taking part in a business meeting in connection with the business cluster Lake Constance-Swabian Alb – or why not relax for a few days after your business trip and enjoy our postmodern style? K99 certainly promises you a touch of holiday flair when on business and a special treat for you or your staff.

Relax at the bar for instance where you can enjoy a quick bite (regional specialities) and a drop of local wine, watch sports events live on Sky or get to know new people and listen to what they have to say. For K99 is also a hotel for other explorers who attach great importance to modern comforts when travelling: cyclists touring the area, families on holiday, people visiting friends, people looking to enjoy a weekend away and all the other Lake Constance scouts who are happy to put their digital gadgets on one side in the evening. Time for bed? Time spent looking forward to your stay!

Flexible rooms and breakfast on the roof

The Urban Arts in K99 even turn the stairway into a special experience long before you reach your room. Even those of you, who normally insist on using the lift, will treat yourselves by going up on foot in order to gaze at the art hanging on the walls. Once in their rooms, our visitors will quickly sense that a comfortable night’s sleep is top priority here and realise that our hotel presents a new standard for hotels in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. You can even make a few changes to your room in accordance with your own personal taste.

On waking up one dream becomes reality almost immediately: a rooftop breakfast on our roof floor! Incredible! You have to experience this with your own eyes! There is something else we can offer you: Why don’t you enjoy a business trip with a touch of holiday flair to it at the best possible price on the web? Book here immediately!

No matter whether you are here on business and looking for a holiday atmosphere or on tour exploring the area: Radolfzell lies in what is probably the most beautiful corner of Lake Constance with its naturally beautiful shore, its picturesque historical centre and pleasant atmosphere. Somewhere between insider tip and paradise for a good work-life balance. More and more people, who think in a new light, are attracted to the town. K99 is their hotel.