We love what we do! All of us, all the time and everywhere in our hotel.

Whether it is our receptionists and service staff  assisting guests, our hard-working housekeeping staff, our house technician or our back office and administrative staff, if you watch us closely, you will recognize our positive team dynamics and see that we enjoy doing our jobs.
We all work together, hand-in-hand and across departments.

The TEAM includes everyone

At the Hotel K99, all members of our staff are awarded with responsibility,
trust & appreciation.
However, this does not mean that anyone is left completely alone.

Should there be questions, uncertainties or even criticism, the management is always there with an open ear to offer advice and support.

For us, direct, honest and open communication with the shortest
possible channels is our top priority.
And in line with this principle:
we know that there is an appropriate place and right time for every conversation.

And everyone should be themselves!

We believe that everyone can and should be themselves. Our team thrives on the different characters of its members. So, our morning breakfast meetings together are never boring.

In addition, our annual summer party and our big Christmas party help everyone to stay in a good mood.
All of this is in line with our guiding principle: The joy of work is our top priority, because working time is life time!

P.S. Once you have joined our team, you may never want to leave.

Most of our team members have been with us since the hotel first opened. As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to develop in any direction.

We also give everyone, whether with or without professional training, the chance to become a part of our team.
Motivated career changers who are willing to learn are also welcome in every department.

Our Story

We are a privately run hotel, which is characterized by the friendly and open manner of our owner Markus Kümmerle. Drawing on his previous business travel experiences, he collected many positive impressions
and later incorporated them into the hotels he created.